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Academic Program Review

The Academic Program Review is carried out by faculty within each academic school/division with the support of deans and the Vice President of Academic Affairs; the Non-Academic Program Review is the responsibility of service area staff and administration.

Academic Program Review is intended to provide faculty members an opportunity for self-reflection, review, and assessment. Academic Program Review is also intended to be central to the college’s overall planning, becoming the basis for goal setting, resource allocation, and needs assessment. Finally, Academic Program Review will make visible and accessible to all interested parties the evidence that demonstrates fulfillment of accreditation standards. While a faculty-driven process, at the core of program review is a commitment to collaboration with other faculty, deans, and vice-presidents to identify program needs, and make meaningful changes to promote student access and success.

 Academic Program Review follows a six-year cycle (subject to change based on external/internal directives), and includes faculty’s completion of a comprehensive self-study report. Career Technical Education programs must also submit an abridged program review every two years in order to be eligible for Perkins funding, per state requirements.  Faculty have the opportunity to revise their report to integrate feedback at all steps. Each step is governed by a timeline to ensure timely completion of the process.  The review of the six-year self-study report is comprised of feedback from the dean, Academic Program Review Committee (APRC), and the Vice President of Academic Affairs (VPAA).

For more information about Academic Program Review, please contact the Coordinator, Rachel Purdie:


Program Review - Academic

Academic Program Review self-study reports are listed by School/Division. 

Academic Program Review 2013 to Current

School of Applied Technology & Business

School of Health Sciences

School of Liberal Arts

School of Mathematics & Science

School of Social & Behavioral Sciences


Academic Program Review 2008 to 2011

Academic Program Review 2000-01 to 2007-08

School of Applied Technology & Business

School of Social & Behavioral Sciences

Program Review - Non-Academic

Program Review Fall 2013

Program Review 2008 to 2011

Program Review 2000-01 to 2007-08