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Quick Start To Enrollment For New Students

High School students taking class(es) at SCC?
Please see our K12 Special Admissions page.

Please choose the path that best fits your goals.

Educational Goal

Two Year Degree/Certificate or
Transfer to Four-Year Institution

Career Growth

Personal Development

  • Transfer to a four-year university
  • Complete a two year degree/certificate for career opportunity
  • Improve basic English, reading, or math skills
  • Prepare for a new career
  • Take courses for personal interest
  • Upgrade job skills


  • If you have completed an Associate Degree of higher

1. Apply

2. Complete Orientation

3. English/Math Placement

4. Meet with a Counselor

5. Register for Classes

6. Pay Fees

1. Apply

2. Register for Classes

3. Pay Fees

$$ Don't forget to apply for Financial Aid $$

photo, Free Application for Federal Student Aid(FAFSA)