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The goals of the TRIO SSS-STEM Program are to support students who are first-generation individuals, low-income students, or individuals with disabilities who are seeking support in their STEM or Prehealth studies. We also provide support for students who are undeclared majors but who demonstrate a strong interest in STEM or Prehealth fields, such as those who enroll at Solano right after high school. Our program offers eligible students access to resources that promote academic success, counseling, knowledge of the educational system, and financial literacy.

Student educational goals may vary, but we support students who wish to complete their associates or certificate at Solano and/or who wish to transfer to a university.

The best way to determine eligibility is to stop by the TRIO Center located in room 434 (in building 400, second floor, right above counseling). The short 15-minute screening session will inform interested students of their eligibility status in the TRIO SSS-STEM Program. This can be done by scheduling an appointment through the TRIO Administrative Assistant Nedra Park (
Eligible TRIO students:
  1. Must meet the residency requirements for federal student financial assistance (such as a citizen or national of the United States).
  2. Cannot possess an Associates Degree (or higher degree) from any institution. A student cannot have a certificate from an accredited institution.
  3. The TRIO SSS-STEM Program supports students who are:
    1. First generation college students or
    2. Students who meet the income eligibility requirement or
    3. Individuals with disabilities
  4. A student must demonstrate an academic need such as assistance with their classes.
Students who demonstrate a strong interest in STEM or Prehealth fields or are declared majors in those fields, and who meet 1-4 above, are encouraged to apply.

Please stop by our office to pick up an application form in room 434 (building 400, second floor, above counseling) or print out the application and fill it in at home. Submit the completed form along with tax-related information from the previous year (for instance, if this is academic year 2017-18, you’ll bring in your 2016 taxes). You can submit the form to the TRIO Program Director in room 434.

If you stop by our office, screen for the TRIO Program, but do not qualify, we will still do what we can to refer you to other programs and services you may qualify for at our campus. We hope that you take the time to stop by our office.