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About Us

What does TRIO SSS-STEM Program do for students?

The TRIO SSS-STEM Program provides: Photo: 2009 SACNAS Convention
  • Academic counseling services to assist students in choosing their courses. Students maintain individual education plans to help guide them as they complete their educational goals.
  • Academic support for STEM courses.
  • Information and resources for different types of financial aid, scholarship opportunities, and internships.
  • Networking opportunities with professionals in STEM fields who discuss challenges and successes they encountered in their education.
  • Assistance with completing the FAFSA.
  • Assistance with transferring to 4-year institutions including information on how to pay for attending a university.
The resources and opportunities available to TRIO SSS-STEM students include:
  • The TRIO Center (Room 434)
    A dedicated multipurpose space for quiet and group study, workshops, and information sharing with access to computers for TRIO students.
  • Assistance in the transfer process
    Fieldtrips to universities with workshops on applications and financial aid options
  • Insight into opportunities beyond the STEM degree
    Fieldtrips to industries and events designed to expose students to career options after they attain their degrees.
  • Photo: MESA Students at Google Field Trip
  • Educational Conferences
    TRIO students have the option to attend fully sponsored conferences that assist with helping students shape their educational career path and provide them with valuable networking opportunities with students and professionals in their fields.
  • Academic Scholarships
    Announcements for scholarships are posted in the TRIO Center (Room 434), sent by email to TRIO Students, and made by the TRIO Program Director.