Solano Community College

Measure Q Project Updates

The Measure Q Bond was passed in November 2012.  Citizens of Solano County invested in their futures by voting to improve and expand the facilities of the Solano Community College District with the passage of the Measure Q Bond.  Please review the active project status and updates.

May 2020

Fairfield Campus Active Project Updates

B1000 Horticulture Modular Restroom

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Horticulture – Phase 2 Restroom Building – Fairfield Campus

Description: New modular restroom building in orchard area.

Budget:  $401,000

Status: Construction complete.  DSA certification and close out in process.

Completion Target: May 2020

Library Learning Resource Center

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Project Site Camera

Library/Learning Resource Center – Fairfield Campus

Description: Replacement of existing Building 100 Library with new 59,252sf Library/LRC, demo of old Library and old portable buildings.

Budget:  $45,948,000 ($24,300,000 Measure Q; $20,148,000 State; $1,500,000 Redevelopment pass-through funds)

Status: Installation of underground utilities is ongoing.  Installation of slab-on-grade complete.

Completion Target: December 2021

 B300 Modifications Mailroom & Graphics

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B300 Modifications – Mailroom & Graphics - Fairfield Campus

Description: Renovation for the relocation of the campus' Mailroom and the Graphics Center into building 300.

Budget:  $250,000

Status: Construction is in progress.  Demolition complete, rough trades ongoing.

Completion Target: July 2020

 FF Bleacher Replacement

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Bleacher Replacement – Baseball & Soccer - Fairfield Campus

Description: Replacement of bleachers and related access improvements for DSA certification.  

Budget:  $250,000

Status: Construction ongoing.  Demo complete, new hardscape installed.  Bleacher fabrication in process.

Completion Target: Fall 2020

 FF Parking Lot #1 Resurfacing

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Parking Lot #1 Resurfacing - Fairfield Campus

Description: Removal and replacement of failing asphalt and necessary access compliance upgrades for DSA certification.  Also includes the removal and replacement of the perimeter concrete curbs.

Budget:  $2,000,000

Status: New underground utilities installed.  New concrete curbs, asphalt and striping complete.  Replacement of misc. hardscape on campus ongoing.

Completion Target: Fall 2020

Vacaville Center Active Project Updates

 VV Annex Corbels

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Vacaville Center Annex Building Corbels Removal - Vacaville Center

Description: Repair corbels.

Budget:  Part of Phase 2 renovations with a total budget of $3,812,147

Status: Phase 2 repairs in design.

Completion Target: August 2020 (Phase 2)

Aeronautics Sewer Connection and Parking Exp. 


Aeronuatics - Sewer Connection and Parking Expansion Project - Vacaville

Description: Remove septic system and connect to City/County sewer line.  Add 16 spaces adjacent to existing parking lot.  

Budget:  $535,000

Status: Design in progress.

Completion Target: Summer 2020