Solano Community College

Project Updates

October 2017

Fairfield Campus Active Project Updates

 B100 Library LRC

Library/Learning Resource Center – Fairfield Campus

Description: Replacement of existing Building 100 Library with new 59,252sf Library/LRC, demo of old Library and old portable buildings.

Budget:  $42,551,000 ($21,800,000 Measure Q; $20,751,000 State)

Status: Receiving and evaluating proposals for design phase consultants.  Contracts for surveying, geotechnical and environmental services will be submitted Oct. 18 for Board approval.

Completion Target: October 2021

 Horticulture Phase 2 Restroom Bldg



Horticulture – Phase 2 Restroom Building – Fairfield Campus

Description: New modular restroom building in orchard area.

Budget:  $342,000

Status: Project issued for bid.  Construction contract to be awarded in October.

Completion Target: March 2018

 FF Campus Entry Sidewalk

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Campus Entry Sidewalk Improvements Project – Fairfield Campus

Description:  Pedestrian sidewalk improvements from the campus south entry to the entry plaza and bus stop area near Building 600.

Budget: $375,000

Status:  Construction in progress.

Completion Target: November 2017

FF New Science Bldg

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Science Building – Fairfield Campus

Description: New Science Building - 44,249sf

Budget: $37,600,000

Status: Site work construction in progress.

Completion Target: November 2018

FF Substation 1 and 2 Replacement

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Electric Substation Replacement – Fairfield Campus

Description:  Replacement of electric substations 1 and 2.

Budget: $1,519,000

Status: Construction contract awarded.  Most substation equipment received on site.

Construction Start Target: Winter Break 2017

Completion Target: January 2018

 Softball Bleacher Replacement

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Softball Bleacher Replacement Project – Fairfield Campus

Description:  Replacement of bleachers and press box.

Budget: $505,000

Status: Bleacher fabrication in process.  Old bleachers and press box demolished.  Sitework construction in progress.

Completion Target: December 2017

 B100 Emergency Generator Site Plan

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B100 Generator for IT Center – Fairfield Campus

Description:  Provide emergency generator to support IT Center in Building 100.

Budget: $650,000

Status: Construction documents 90% complete.  Will issue for bid in October.

Construction Start Target: January 2018

Completion Target: April 2018

Vacaville Center Active Project Updates

VV Intersection

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Vacaville Center Intersection Improvements Project - Vacaville

Description: New signalized intersection at the Center and Annex main driveways.  Scope of work includes signalization, crosswalks, and related roadway and Annex parking lot improvements. 

Budget: $1,178,270

Status: Construction in progress.  Coordination with PG&E work in progress.

Completion Target: November 2017

VV Annex Classroom Bldg.

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“Annex" Classroom Building Renovation – Vacaville

Description:  Renovation of 13,940sf classroom building.

Budget:  $4,570,000

Status: Construction documents being reviewed by DSA.

Construction Start Target:  December 2017

Completion Target:  May 2018