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Project Updates

April 2017

Fairfield Campus Active Project Updates

 B1200 Exterior Front View

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Performing Arts Building Renovation – Fairfield Campus

Description: Renovation of 28,545sf building and 2,770sf addition.

Budget: $18,760,600 ($5,000,000 Measure Q, $13,760,600 State)

Status: Construction 98% complete. Stage rigging, orchestra pit filler, and final AV systems are in progress.  Faculty will move back into the building in April.

Completion Target: March 2017

Ribbon Cutting Ceremony:  August 16, 2017

 Rebecca Valentino

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Costume Workshop – Fairfield Campus

Description: Improvements in Building 1800 to provide for a costume workshop and classroom.

Budget: $230,000

Status: Construction to begin late April.

Completion Target: June 2017

 Ken Williams & Sandra Diehl

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Horticulture Project Phase 1 – Fairfield Campus

Description: Development of paths and site utilities, and construction of new farmers market stand.

Budget: $1,000,000

Status: Project completed.

Ribbon Cutting Ceremony: April 5, 5:00 pm

 FF Campus Entry Sidewalk Diagram

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Campus Entry Sidewalk Improvements Project – Fairfield Campus

Description:  Pedestrian sidewalk improvements from the campus south entry to the entry plaza and bus stop area near Building 600.

Budget: $251,640

Status:  Design 95% complete.  Project will be issued for bid in May with construction contract approval anticipated in June.

Construction Start Target: July 2017

Completion Target: September 2017

New Science Bldg Rendering

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Science Building – Fairfield Campus

Description: New Science Building, approximately 44,249sf

Budget: $37,600,000

Status: Design Builder's development of construction documents in progress.

Construction Start Target: August 2017; Groundbreaking August 8, 2017, 5:00 pm

Completion Target: November 2018

FF Substation 1 and 2

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Electric Substation Replacement – Fairfield Campus

Description:  Replacement of electric substations 1 and 2.

Budget: $1,349,000

Status: Construction contract awarded.  Contractor has ordered substation equipment.

Construction Start Target: Thanksgiving Break 2017

Completion Target: January 2018

 Softball Bleacher & Press Box

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Softball Bleacher Replacement Project – Fairfield Campus

Description:  Replacement of bleachers and press box.

Budget: $505,000

Status: Construction contract awarded.

Construction Start Target: April 2017

Completion Target: August 2017

Vacaville Center Active Project Updates

Biotech & Science Cabinets

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Workzone Cam for the SCC Biotechnology Project
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Photo Montage for the SCC Biotech Project

Biotechnology & Science Building – Vacaville

Description: New Biotechnology and Science building wing (approximately 32,000sf) being added to the Vacaville Center building.

Budget:  $34,300,000

Status: Construction 60% complete.  Interior gypsum board, finishing and painting is nearing completion.  Installation of suspended ceiling, cabinets and countertops and windows in progress.  Exterior concrete curbs and flatwork, and irrigation system also in progress.  Furniture and Equipment procurement in progress.

Completion Target: September 2017

Ribbon Cutting Ceremony: September 6, 2017, 5:00 pm

Vacaville Intersection Improvements

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Vacaville Center Intersection Improvements Project - Vacaville

Description: This project will establish a signalized intersection at the Center and Annex main driveways.  Scope of work includes signalization, crosswalks, and related roadway and Annex parking lot improvements. 

Budget: $968,270

Status: Issued for bids.  Construction contract approval anticipated at April 19th Board meeting.

Construction Start Target:  Early May 2017

Completion Target: September 2017

VV Annex Classroom Bldg.

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“Annex" Classroom Building Renovation – Vacaville

Description:  Renovation of 13,940sf classroom building.

Budget:  $4,570,000

Status: Design phase in progress.  Additional truss testing anticipated in May.

Construction Start Target:  December 2017

Completion Target:  May 2018
Vallejo Center Active Project Updates

Autotech Bldg Roofing

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Automotive Technology Design/Build Fly Thru Video

Workzone Cam for the SCC Autotech Project

Timelapse video for the SCC Autotech Project

Autotechnology Building – Vallejo

Description: New Autotechnology Building, approximately 30,000sf, located at the corner of North Ascot Parkway and Turner Parkway.

Budget:  $23,600,000

Status: Construction 50% complete.  Exterior courtyard seat walls poured.  Roofing completed.  Exterior finish in progress.  Interior gypboard installation in progress.  Lobby floor poured and finish in progress.  PG&E replaced electrical switchgear.

Completion Target: August 2017

Ribbon Cutting Ceremony: September 20, 2017, 5:00 pm

Vallejo Center Building

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Vallejo HVAC Upgrade Project – Vallejo

Description: Design improvements and replacement of some equipment to remedy problems and improve performance of HVAC system at Vallejo Center Building.

Budget:  $1,175,000

Status: Project issued for bid.  Construction contract award anticipated in April.  Center will be closed for the summer.  Summer school classes will be held at MIT on Georgia Street facilities.

Construction Start Target: June 2017

Construction Completion Target: early August 2017