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Frequently Asked Questions

» How can I find out about fines, rules, and other library policies?
» How do I get a library card?
» What is an e-Card?
» Who can I ask for help with research or library resources?
» How do I find a book in the Solano College Library stacks?
» Can I access the library's resouces from home or off-campus?
» What kind of computer access is available in the library?
» How do I print from the library's computers?
» Do you have a photocopier, scanner, or FAX machine?
» Does the library have music, movies, audio books to check out?
» My instructor put something on "reserve" for the class to use - how do I get it?
» Where can I look up my own library card information (checked out materials or fines)?
» My question hasn't been answered here - how can I contact you?

Library Cards

If you have a Solano College or Napa County/Napa Valley College library card, you are already able to check out books and you can use your SCC library card at our partner Napa County libraries.

To get a new library card, apply online first, and then bring the following to the Circulation Desk:

  • your Driver's License and
  • your SCC student ID or proof of enrollment from the Office of Admissions & Records

Fines may be payed at the Circulation Desk, by cash or check only.



e-cards provide remote access to some databases and will allow you to place holds in the online library catalog.

The e-card application is available online. You will need to come in to the library with photo identification to switch your e-card into a full-access Solano College Library card.

Getting Help

Reference librarians are available to help you with any research problem or question you might have about the library and its resources. The Circulation staff are also an excellent source of information and can point you in the right directon. Please contact us with any questions!

Finding a book in the SCC library stacks

If you're used to the public library's organization system (usually the Dewey Decimal Classification System), you may have trouble when trying to navigate in our academic library (which uses the Library of Congress Classification System). The systems are different, but the basic idea is the same: to gather materials of similar topics together for ease of use and organization. For more information, check out our Research 101 page or visit the Library of Congress Classification Outline. If you need help, please ask your librarians!

Connecting from Home

Most SCC databases and the library's online catalog are available from your home computer or at an off-campus location. You will need your library bar-code number (located on the back of all Solano and Napa library cards) to place holds on library books and other borrowable materials. The library's article databases (journals, magazines, newspapers, e-books, etc) are accessible from off campus with your MySolano username and password using our built in proxy server.

If you need help accessing library materials, please contact the reference librarian for assistance.

Computers in the Library

Internet access is provided in the 60 PC Information Commons. There are also 9 OPAC (Online Public Access Catalog) terminals in the center of the library that are reserved only for accessing our online catalog and electronic databases.

The library also has wireless Internet access. Find out more on the Wireless FAQ page from Technology & Learning Resources.


To print from the library's computers, you need to load at least $1.00 (must be cash) on to your PaperCut printing account (available in the library) or use your PayPal account ($5.00 minimum) to obtain printing credits. Please be sure you know your MySolano username and password so you can access your PaperCut account.

After you print your document on the computer, go to any copier in the library, log in with your MySolano username and password to retrieve your printed document. Always remember to log out!

Print cards no longer work for printing in the library.

Photocopiers, Scanner and FAX machines

The library has a photocopy machine available for student use; copies and scans are 10¢ per page.

You need to load at least $1.00 (must be cash) on to your PaperCut printing account (available in the library) or use your PayPal account ($5.00 minimum) to obtain photocopying or scanning credits. Please be sure you know your MySolano username and password so you can access your PaperCut account.

Print cards no longer work for copying/scanning in the library.

The library does not have a FAX machine available for use.

Music, Movies and other Audio/Visual Materials

Although the SCC library does not have these types of items in its general collection, all these materials are available to you via the library catalog. Search for books, magazines, movies, music, audiobooks and other materials using the library catalog .

Textbook Reserves

If we have the textbook on reserve, you may check the book out for a specific period of time for use within the library. Not all textbooks are available in the reserve collection. Visit the Textbook Reserves page to check the availability of your textbook and find out more about the collection.

Abuse of textbook-reserve check out periods may result in (up to a) non-refundable $300 fine and suspension of borrowing privileges.
Back-to-back checkout periods are not permitted.


Your Library Information

Use Your library card account (via the Library's catalog) for information on:

  • Materials you have checked out
  • Materials you have placed on hold & are waiting for
  • Any fines you may have accrued

Please make sure you logout of your account when you are finished!

Still have questions?

We are located in Building 100, right in the center of campus.
The Fairfield campus library is generally open between 8:30 am & 6:20 pm, Monday-Thursday. Friday hours are generally between 8:30 am and 2:20 pm. Center library hours differ, semester to semester.
Check the current semester hours for specifics.

Circulation: 707.864.7132
Reference: 707.864.4519