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Banner 9

Solano CC to transition to Banner 9 System

A new look and feel is coming to the Solano CC student information system, Internet Native Banner (INB or Banner), later this fall. Effective as of January 1st 2019, INB will be upgraded campus-wide to a new version called Banner 9.

Ellucian, the software vendor for Banner, has replaced the current form-based platform with a modern web-based platform. As a result, Solano CC along with every other Banner institution is transitioning to the new Banner 9 system.

Why Banner 9

The Banner 9 project supports the Colleges Strategic Initiative to build a responsive infrastructure for a sustainable campus. The upgrade is a campus wide initiative that completes the improvement of our Banner environment from Banner 8 to Banner 9. In addition, the new user interface provides improved accessibility for all users. Banner 9 eliminates the need for a Java applet for end users, drastically expanding the browsers and platforms that can now access the software. It will deliver a fresh user experience, including all-new tools, and significantly improve our system capabilities across Banner in order to drive new efficiencies so we can focus on our student success.


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Banner 9 FAQ

What is Banner 9?
Banner 9 is a web-based upgrade replacing the Java dependent Banner 8 INB. Banner 9 delivers a fresh user experience, all-new tools, improved functionality, and a responsive design allowing it to adapt to many screen sizes and devices. For the most part, Banner 9 works the same familiar way Banner 8 works but with an all new modern and user friendly interface.
Why are we upgrading to Banner 9?
Previous versions of Banner are Java WebStart dependent, an application that opens outside of the browser. Due to security, modern browsers are blocking the use of these types of applications restricting our platforms of accessing Banner. Banner 9 opens directly in the browser without requiring specific versions of Java as Banner 8 does.   The developers, Ellucian, will be terminating all support for Banner 8 Forms as of December 31st, 2018
What is changing in Banner 9?
Banner Forms functionality will remain the same so there is no need to learn a new application. You will notice a new modern user interface and the ability to use Banner 9 on multiple screensizes and devices.
What are Banner 9 Admin Pages?
Banner INB Forms are known as Banner Admin pages in Banner 9. Same functionality, new name.
What is Application Navigator?
Application Navigator (AppNav) is the start and home page of Banner 9. This is where you will enter a Form or Page name to access that page to perform an action.
What are Banner 9 Apps?
Banner 9 Apps is simply the new term for Modules, a Banner 8 term. Examples are Student, Finance, Human Resources, etc.
How do I log into Banner 9?
Logging into Banner 9 will be the same method as logging into Banner 8 with the exception of the new single sign on (SSO) login page, which will have a new URL and appearance. Sign in requires your district username and password.
Will I still have access to Banner 8 Forms?
Yes, but temporarily. Ellucian will be terminating all support for Banner 8 Forms as of December 31st, 2018. Any new updates beyond that date will only be installed in Banner 9 which will then create differences between both versions.
I’m having trouble logging into Application Navigator, what should I do?
Verify that you are using your correct username and password. If that doesn’t correct the issue, clear the browser’s cache/cookies (Ctrl + Shift + Delete), close ALL open browser tabs and then retry. Contact the HelpDesk for further support.
I can’t access a form that I used to access in Banner 8, what do I do?
Try to access the form in Banner 8. If the form exists in Banner 8 contact the HelpDesk.
Which browsers are supported by Banner 9?
Microsoft Internet Explorer and/or Edge, Google Chrome, Apple Safari, Mozilla Firefox. Since Banner 9 is a web based application, you can use the browser of your choice however, please note that for performance Chrome and Internet Explorer are recommended.
Can I open more than one session in Banner 9?
Yes. You can have multiple sessions open either through multiple tabs/and or browsers.
Can I access all my forms in Application Navigator?
Yes. You can have multiple sessions open either through multiple tabs/and or browsers.
Why did my session expire?
In order to optimize performance and response time, Banner 9 will expire after 30 minutes of inactivity.
What should I do if still have problems with Banner 9?
Please submit a helpdesk ticket at to the Technology Services & Support Department and one of our direct tech-specialists will send you a follow-up email in a timely manner. In addition, we also recommend to provide a screenshot and a detailed description of the issue you are having with Banner to assist with troubleshooting the issue.