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Student IDs

  • Step 1: Ensure your mailing address is current.
  • Step 2: Pay $5.00 student ID fee.
    • Bring $5.00 payment (cash, money order, check, Visa, Mastercard, etc…) in to appointment.
    • If your student account reflects a negative balance (credit) of $5.00 or more. A credit balance can be used towards your student ID purchase, if you email from your Solano email account to authorize them to use this credit to be applied to a Student ID purchase.
    • Other payment options
      • Payment online through your MySolano student account.
        • Note: All payments will be applied to current outstanding balances prior to a Student ID purchase. Student account must reflect a negative balance (credit) of $5.00 or more for online payment method to be used.
    • Email completed & signed Credit Card Authorization form with picture ID to
    • Pay in person at the Cashier Office (located between Counseling & Admissions & Records in the 400 building).
    • 3rd party vendor paying for student ID, then email letter/voucher from vendor to
  • Step 3: Make arrangements for ID photo:
    • Email to schedule an appointment to have your picture taken. Be sure to bring:
      • valid picture identification*
      • $5.00 payment in to appointment.
  • OR

    • Email
      • A picture ID in .jpg format (most recent, in color, no glare)
        (*.jpg file of a picture you want reviewed to be approved to add to your student ID and a copy of a valid picture identification *.
    • Once picture is approved you will be notified of the next steps from the Cashier Office team.


    *Examples of valid identification include but are not limited to the following:

    • Passport front page
    • CA ID
    • Driver’s license
    • Birth Certificate
    • Highschool ID (if still in High school)


    Need a new term sticker

    • Ensure your mailing address is current.
    • Ensure you are registered for the term
    • Email from your Solano email account to request a new term sticker to be mailed to your mailing on file.
    • Note: There is no charge for a new term sticker.