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Other Options

  • To resolve Outstanding balances due:
    • Contact the Financial Aid Office by either visiting their website ( or emailing at to see if you qualify for the California College Promise Grant (CCPG) (previously known as BOG-FW), Solano Promise grant, and/or other financial aid.
    • Payments
    • 3rd party contracts:
      • If a business is paying your fees (your employer, workers’ compensation, vocational rehabilitation, etc…), forward the authorization letter to with student ID#, name, term/year and noting the specific fees that are to be covered (i.e. enrollment fees, student center fees, student representation fees, parking permit, health center fee, transportation fee, etc..).
        • Note: If authorization letter is not received at least 2 to 4 weeks processing may be delayed and student will be responsible for paying balance due until contract is entered.
    • Payment (installment) plans:
      • The district has established the ability to offer installment plans through a third-party vendor (CashNet/HigherOne), if your current outstanding balance due is greater than $100 per term.
      • Only one installment plan may be set up per term, and there is a $35 fee per plan administered by CashNet.
      • CashNet installment plans are initiated directly through a link within your personal MySolano student account.

        Note: Remaining balance must be paid by November for current Spring fees or by April for current Summer & Fall.

        • Summer/Fall priority registration is in April
        • Spring priority registration is in November
      • Once an installment plan method is set up, email for any financial holds to be removed from the student account.
    • Outstanding Balance due – Hold on my account:
      • Once your balance due is paid the system is set to automatically remove any finance related Holds from your student account. If the hold is not removed within 24 hours, please email for assistance.
    • Outstanding Balance due – Collections:
      • If your student account has been sent to collections either COTOP or ConServe, you can pay either the collection agency or the college. However please note there may be a delay in all parties being informed. Therefore we request you send an email to
        • Payment to COTOP/ConServe: Send an email providing proof of payment to either collection entity if the payment has been submitted to them.
        • Payment via MySolano: Send an email request to have your student account removed from the collection agency.