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Are You Struggling with Anything?I need help on a chalkboard

Solano College wants you to succeed. 

If anything is making that difficult, or maybe even seemingly impossible, we are here to help.  Whether it is a problem with money, understanding class content, technology needs, a personal emergency, or almost anything, please check in with us.  We will do our best to help you succeed. 

Please email us at


The California College Student Emergency Support Fund

During these challenging times, hold on to what’s important – stay safe, stay in school, and build a better future for you and your community. The California College Student Emergency Support Fund is offering help, with one-time $500 hardship grants to help pay for housing, technology, and other expenses as you continue your education.

FAQ for The California College Student Emergency Support Fund PDF


Online Learning

Recognizing what is key to learning online is very important; while online education is similar in many ways to a face-to-face classroom, there are key differences to pay attention to. This means there are opportunities for expanding knowledge, but also obstacles that don’t exist in a traditional space. This virtual hub is designed to both help the immediate transition to online learning, as well as provide key supports for future courses and learning. 



How do I get started?

Online learning requires three basic tools to get started. You will need to be able to access your email, find and submit online assignments and you will need to know how to join online meetings.

Student Gmail

1. Student Email

Use your campus email at school. Instructors will send announcements through campus email and will look for this address when expecting you to reach them.


2. Assignments

Online classes use a learning management system called Canvas to assign and collect online work. Registered students have a canvas account, click "Access your course in Canvas" to learn more.


3. Lecture

Online class meetings will usually occur in Zoom. Zoom is a video conferencing tool that works on computers, smart phones or tablets. Your instructor will send links to your lecture meetings through Canvas or email. 


Alternative Formats now available with Blackboard AllyFind the icon Blackboard Ally

In Canvas, look for the Blackboard Ally icon. Click on it and a pop menu will appear with many alternative format options.

Alternative formats including mp3, ePub, PDF, HTML, and more!







Student Zoom Room

Join a Zoom Room!

Log into the Student Zoom Room and get live assistance with Canvas, Zoom, or any other technical issue you may be having.

Stay tuned for more Student Zoom Room sessions!





How can I get more help with online learning?

Online learning is not easier or harder than face to face classes. But this different mode of learning can require skills and resources that are unique. Each is important to your success and will require time to engage and master. If you have difficulty with the technology, the assignments or any other aspects of the course, your instructor is your best resource. Reach out to your instructor if you are having difficulty or do not understand an assignment.

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