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Zoom FAQs

Question: Where can I download Zoom?


Question: I have never used Zoom. Is it hard to learn?

Answer: Not at all!  If you have used Facetime or Skype on your phone it is very similar.  You download the software, test out the audio and video settings and then with one click you join your meeting or appointment. If you are not familiar with video conferencing, Zoom has a great overview for joining a meeting and figuring out the audio and video settings.

Question: What does it cost?

Answer: The software to access Zoom is free.  Any charges for your computer or mobile device to access wifi or internet would be at your own cost.

Question: Do I have to create a Zoom account?

Answer: No. The link for the meeting will be in an email sent to you or in Canvas.  You simply need to download the software/app prior to the appointment or scheduled time. Then click on the meeting link. It will open the app. No accounts required, unless you would like to create your own free account to set up video meetings with others.

Question: What equipment do I need?

Answer: If you want to take advantage of the video portion, you need the ability to be seen and heard over video. This is usually done through some type of webcam (build in or connected to your device) to be seen and speakers and a microphone (again either built into your device or external, such as through ear buds with a mic).  Alternatively, you can just use the audio portion of Zoom, in which you will need speakers/earphone and a microphone. This will limit your ability to show someone documents or information as you can through video.

Question: What if I have documents that need to be reviewed?

Answer: That can be done during a Zoom video appointment or meeting.  If the documents are electronic format your can have others in the meeting view the documents through the “share screen” icon in Zoom.


Question: I’ve open up the Zoom software for my meeting, but all the controls are suddenly gone! What do I do?

Answer: On a desktop computer, hover your mouse pointer at the bottom of the screen. The menu of controls should appear. Sometimes the menu controls are at the top of the screen, as when you need to stop sharing a screen.  On a mobile app, touch the bottom of the screen, usually where your name is and the zoom controls will appear.

Question: Where can I find more information about using ConferZoom in my class on Canvas?

Answer: Overview of ConferZoom in Canvas