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Academic Council

Policy 5200:

The Academic Council deals with all matters that pertain to problems that students are having with their academic performance, enrollment status, graduation status evaluations and financial matters that pertain to the registration process.


  1. The Academic Council consists of the following membership: Vice President of Student Services (Chairperson), Dean of Admissions and Records, one counselor, two faculty members (appointed by the Academic Senate), and one classified staff member from Student Services.
  2. Students may petition the Academic Council concerning any matter that pertains to their academic performance, enrollment status or registration/withdrawal procedures.
  3. The Council reviews the scope and content of each student's petition.
  4. Students may obtain Academic Council petitions from the Office of Admissions and Records.
  5. Students shall submit their completed form(s) to the Office of Admissions and Records.
  6. All Council actions are decided by majority vote. If there is a tie vote, the Vice President of Student Services may vote to break the tie.
  7. The Academic Council meets on an "as needed" basis.
  8. Students who submit petitions which pertain to academic disqualification must have their petitions reviewed and signed by a counselor before the Academic Council will consider their requests for readmission.

  9. Each student who petitions the Academic Council is notified in writing, by the Student Services Office, concerning the action taken by the Council on his/her petition.
  10. Any student who is not satisfied with the Council action taken on his/her petition may request a second petition review by the Council or an opportunity to meet with the Council in order to discuss his/her petition. Requests for a second review or personal meeting are directed to the Vice President of Student Services.
  11. The Office of Admissions and Records is notified, by the Student Services Office, of all Council decisions. The Enabling Office, EOPS Program and the Counseling Division are notified about special counseling needs for students.
  12. The Academic Council Petition for each student is filed in his/her permanent folder along with a copy of the Council’s action.