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As specified on page 19 of the 2012-16 Institutional Participation Agreement, under California Education Code Section 69432.7(l)(2)(A), institutions must provide an access point for prospective and current students to view the institution's license examination passage rates. Passage rates provided must be for the most recent available year and be for graduates of its undergraduate programs leading to employment for which passage of a California licensing examination is required, if that data is electronically available through the internet Web site of the licensing agency.

Health Sciences

Emergency Medical Technician I (EMT)

Prerequisite: Current Basic Cardiac Life Support (BCLS) for Healthcare Providers must be presented at first class session to maintain enrollment. Must be eighteen (18) years of age or older for certification (Title 22, Division 9, Chapter 2, California Code of Regulations). Course Advisories: SCC minimum English and Math standards.

Based on state EMSA regulations, the goal of the EMT (Basic) course is to acquire essential assessment & treatment skills for the delivery of prompt, efficient & safe pre-hospital emergency patient care. Application of these emergency care skills can minimize the risk of permanent disability to an individual. The course has lecture, discussion sessions and skills practice time. Course content includes, use of airway and ventilation devices during CPR, use of automated external defibrillator (AED), patient assessment (medical & trauma), management of shock and bleeding, use of bandages, splints and spinal immobilization, use of backboards and guerneys, management of emergency childbirth, monitoring IV solutions, assisting patients with home medications, safe removal of patients from vehicles, trauma and triage. Students completing the course for 4.5 units participate in lecture and lab practice activities throughout, students completing the course for 5.0 units additionally attend pre-assigned observation times with an emergency department and with an ambulance. Students successfully completing the course for 5.0 units are eligible to take the state EMSA exam for certification. Certification enables students to qualify for employment with ambulance services, fire or rescue services, search and rescue crews, ski patrol or other related pre-hospital emergency care positions. NOTE: By law, applicants for certification must be at least 18 years of age. Students must present current Basic Life Support for Healthcare Providers course completion card at the first class meeting in order to remain enrolled in the course. Repeatable every 2 years. Three and three-quarters hours lecture, three and three-quarters hours activity.

Job-Direct Program
• Emergency Medical Technician I

Nursing, Registered

Attention Prospective Applicants to the Registered Nursing Program:
The following information is subject to change.

The Registered Nursing Program will begin accepting applications on September 23, 2013, in the OFFICE OF ADMISSIONS AND RECORDS (Bldg. 400). All applicants MUST present official transcripts (with final grades required for admission to the program) in sealed, unopened envelopes from ALL colleges attended (other than SCC) AND a photo ID.

ATTENTION APPLICANTS: Please refer to the link for PARKING for detailed information about parking while submitting your application. Visitors to the campus who will be staying longer than 30 minutes must buy a PERMIT, or risk getting a parking ticket. Thank you.

Effective OCTOBER 16, 2013, ALL applicants SHOULD have attended a Registered Nursing Information Workshop. Note: no applications will be accepted at any workshop.

NO applications will be accepted for the Program AFTER February 13, 2014.

All interested applicants should continue to check this site for updates.

For additional information: Contact the School of Health Sciences Office at (707) 864-7108 or by email @

The Registered Nursing Program at Solano Community College is a 2-year Associate Degree Program fully accredited by the State Board of Registered Nursing and is subject to its regulations regarding the education and training of nurses. Successful completion of the program qualifies the student to take the National Council Licensing Examination (NCLEX) to become a Registered Nurse. The practice of nursing requires knowledge of the biological, behavioral, and physical sciences, as well as knowledge of, and the ability to speak, to read, and to write the English language proficiently. This program follows the policy of non-discrimination set forth by the Governing Board of Solano Community College.

AS Degree
• Nursing, Registered

Career Mobility

Attention Prosepective LVN-RN Career Mobility Applicants

The LVN to RN Career Mobility Program is currently accepting applications in the Solano Community College Counseling Department (Building 400). All applicants MUST present a CURRENT CALIFORNIA LVN LICENSE AND a photo ID, PLUS official transcripts (with final grades) in sealed, unopened envelopes from ALL colleges or universities ever attended (other than Solano Community College). For complete information on how to apply, please refer to the LVN to RN Application and Referral Instructions link below.

IMPORTANT NOTE: Please refer to the link for PARKING for detailed information about parking while submitting your application. Visitors to the campus who will be staying longer than 30 minutes must buy a PERMIT, or risk getting a ticket.

Effective October 16, 2013, ALL applicants SHOULD have attended a Registered Nursing Information Workshop. NOTE: No applications will be accepted at any workshop.

For additional information: Contact the School of Health Sciences Office at (707) 864-7108 or by email @

The Career Mobility Program at Solano Community College provides an opportunity for qualified licensed vocational nurses to be admitted with advanced placement into the Registered Nursing program. This program is designed to prepare technically competent nurses for service in the community. The curriculum includes study in general education, biophysical and social science courses. Principles derived from academic study are applied to the practice of nursing. The nursing major is comprised of lecture-discussion classes on campus and client care laboratory experience in agencies within the community. Nursing preparation includes the care of adults and children in medical, surgical, psychiatric and community settings. This program is accredited by the California Board of Registered Nursing.

AS Degree Job-Direct Program
• Health Occupations - Career Mobility • Certified Nursing Assistant



This program offers students activity curriculum, technical skills, and professional development courses to develop fitness or to prepare students for transfer in various fields, including physical education.

AS Degree
• Kinesiology

Sports Medicine/Fitness Science – (Transfer)

Designed to allow students to transfer into baccalaureate programs in Physical Education or related areas with a Sports Medicine emphasis. The broad field of Sports Medicine/Fitness Science includes post-baccalaureate employment opportunities in teaching, athletic training, physical therapy, sports rehabilitation, biomechanics, exercise physiology, motor learning, sports orthopedics, sports podiatry, sports psychology, cardiac rehabilitation, EKG technician, and fitness technician.

AS Degree
• Sports Medicine/Fitness Science – (Transfer)


The study of nutrition helps people achieve and maintain good health. Students who like physical and biological sciences, are interested in good health and physical activity, enjoy working with people, and are concerned about the nutritional well-being of people. Students interested in nutrition will find interesting and challenging career opportunities within health care fields or in the food industry. Our nutrition courses will assist you in meeting both your graduation and transfer goals.

Kinesiology Courses by Category

Adapted Physical Education

  • Adapted Aquatics
  • Adapted Weight Training

Aerobic, Strength & Conditioning

  • Low Impact Aerobic Dance
  • Beginning Aerobic Exercise
  • Fitness for Life
  • Circuit Training
  • Cardio Conditioning
  • Off-Season Athletic Conditioning
  • Intermediate Aerobic Exercise
  • Beginning Body Conditioning
  • Intermediate Body Conditioning
  • Beginning Weight Training
  • Intermediate Weight Training
  • Step Aerobics

Alternate Fitness

  • Cardio Kickboxing
  • Introduction to Qigong
  • Pilates for Fitness
  • Fundamentals of Yoga
  • Intermediate Yoga
  • Tai Chi


  • Beginning Swimming
  • Intermediate Swimming
  • Water Polo
  • Swim for Fitness
  • Aqua Aerobics


  • Women's Volleyball
  • Women's Basketball
  • Women's Softball
  • Women's Soccer
  • Men's/Women's Swimming
  • Men's Baseball
  • Men's Basketball
  • Men's Football
  • Men's/Women's Water Polo


  • Beginning Self-Defense
  • Foil Fencing
  • Beginning Judo
  • Intermediate Judo


  • Beginning Modern Dance
  • Beginning Tap Dance
  • Intermediate Tap Dance
  • Jazz Dance Technique
  • Dance Production
  • Hip-Hop Dance
  • Beginning Jazz Dance
  • Beginning Ballroom Dance
  • Beginning Ballet
  • Intermediate Ballet
  • Beginning Swing Dance
  • Intermediate Jazz Dance

Health Education

  • Health Education
  • Women's Health

Individual Skills

  • Beginning Bowling
  • Road Cycling
  • Beginning Mountain Biking
  • Beginning Golf
  • Intermediate Golf
  • Beginning Archery


  • Nutrition
  • Evaluating Current Topics in Nutrition
  • Nutrition Basics for Children
  • Child Nutrition for Early Childhood Education
  • Child Health, Safety, and Nutrition
  • Food Service Sanitation

Racquet Sports

  • Beginning Tennis
  • Intermediate Tennis
  • Beginning Racquetball
  • Beginning Badminton
  • Intermediate Badminton

Recreational & Non-Transferrable

  • Intramural Recreational Sports Program
  • Peak Performance for Sports
  • Sports Medicine - Athletic Training Internship/Practicum
  • Back Care and Injury Management
  • Fitball Training
  • Fire Candidate Fitness
  • Adapted Back Rehab

Team Sports

  • Beginning Basketball
  • Intermediate Basketball
  • Indoor/Outdoor Soccer
  • Intermediate Soccer
  • Beginning Baseball
  • Softball
  • Beginning Volleyball
  • Intermediate Volleyball

Theory & Major Courses

  • Advanced First Aid & Emergency Care
  • Baseball Theory and Practice I
  • Baseball Theory and Practice II
  • Basketball Theory and Practice I
  • Basketball Theory and Practice II
  • Care & Prevention of Athletic Injuries
  • Concepts of Physical Fitness
  • Football Theory and Practice I
  • Football Theory and Practice II
  • Foundations of Physical Education
  • Introduction to Sports Psychology
  • Introduction to Sports Science
  • Soccer Theory and Practice I
  • Soccer Theory and Practice II
  • Softball Theory and Practice I
  • Softball Theory and Practice II
  • Volleyball Theory and Practice I
  • Volleyball Theory and Practice II