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Menu & Specials

Chef Cooking
  • New: We now have Tony’s Organic Coffee and Espresso Drinks

  • New: Fish Taco with cabbage, salsa and coleslaw dressing.

  • New: Spiced Pork over Rice. (Contains onion, pepper, sugar, sashimi oil and garlic)

  • New: Philly Cheesesteak, with choice of beef or chicken.

Day Daily Special Price
Monday Curry chicken over rice $5.75
Tuesday Lasagna $5.75
Wednesday Stir fried shrimp over rice $5.75
Thursday Stir fried chicken over rice $5.75
Friday Pizza, $2.50 per slice $2.50

Sandwich Lunch Box $5.95

(includes half sandwich, veggie sticks, chips, fresh-cut
fruit, yogurt or potato salad, granola bar and small drink)

Try our Cereal-In-A-Cup from Kellogg’s!

Check out our Healthy Snack Corner at the Ice Bar
for a variety of Low Carb/Low Fat products!

Multi-grain/whole grain breads--available at the Sandwich Bar

Fresh Food
  • Assorted Sandwiches with low carb/fat bread
  • Boxed Fruit Salads, $2.85
  • Fresh Vegetables at the Salad Bar, $0.29/oz
  • Assorted Diet Drinks
  • Assorted Low Fat Yogurts

Try our more than 12 different flavored Teas for $1.00/ea