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Tutor Information

The purpose of tutoring is to ‘help students help themselves’. Our tutors, who are also students, are in the perfect position to meet this purpose since they, themselves, are keenly aware of what it takes to strive for and achieve academic success. All the tutors in our program have received an A or B in the subject they tutor and have been recommended by former instructors for the position (or have earned a bachelor, masters, or Ph.D. degree). Additionally, all new tutors (unless exempt) are required to complete a tutor training course (Tutor 50), a .5 unit class which teaches correct tutoring practices and methods.

Photo: Tutors Posing in Tutoring Center

Each semester the Tutoring Center recruits and hires a number of top-notch students to tutor a wide variety of subjects, including math, English, biology, chemistry, history, accounting, foreign languages, etc. Tutors are also needed for English as a second language (ESL) conversation groups and to help students improve their study skills. The benefits of becoming a tutor are many, and include receiving an hourly wage ($9.00 at present), having a convenient job site and a very flexible work schedule, being able to retain subject-area competency, and feeling good about helping others.


All potential tutors should be enrolled in a minimum of 6 units at SCC, should have received an A or B in the course(s) they wish to tutor, need to submit a completed Tutor Application as well as an Instructor Recommendation form for each subject they wish to tutor, must complete a Solano Community College hiring packet, and are required to enroll in Tutor 50 (a ½ unit tutoring skills practicum).

If you are interested in joining our tutoring team, please complete the appropriate forms and schedule an interview by visiting the Tutoring Center in Room 437/438 by or contacting the Tutoring Center Specialist.


All tutors must complete a Tutor Application, as well as an Instructor Recommendation Form for each subject they wish to tutor. These forms are available here or can be picked up in the Tutoring Center, Room 437. In addition to the Tutor Application and Instructor Recommendation form, tutors must complete a Solano Community College Human Resources hiring packet, which is available in the Tutoring Center. Applications must be submitted with the proper forms of identification.