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Policies and Rules

Tutor Availability

Once your Tutee Application is completed, we will do our best to assign you a tutor. If there is no tutor available for your subject or scheduling needs, we will attempt to recruit and hire a tutor for you. However, there will be times when, despite our best efforts, we will not be able to accommodate your tutoring needs. In addition, we reserve the right to cancel tutoring, reschedule appointments, and/or create group tutoring sessions based upon tutor availability and scheduling conflicts.


All tutoring appointments must be scheduled through the front desk in the Tutoring Center. We are not responsible for appointments made without our knowledge. Unless otherwise indicated, all tutoring appointments will be set up as regular, recurring sessions. For example, if you are scheduled to meet with your tutor on Tuesday at 2:00, you will meet with the same tutor every Tuesday at 2:00 until that appointment is canceled.

If you are coming to your tutoring session from off campus, we strongly recommend that you call the Tutoring Center to confirm that your tutor has not called in sick for the day. Since we typically find that we are unable to reach tutees by phone, our policy is: You call us; we don’t call you.


To sign up for tutoring, you must be a current SCC student enrolled in the course for which tutoring is requested. You also must complete and sign the Tutee Application before any appointment will be set.

Attendance Policy

If you cannot keep a tutoring appointment, you must notify the Tutoring Center, or your tutor, as soon as possible, and at least one hour before your scheduled meeting. Likewise, if you are going to be late, please contact us. Your tutor is only required to wait 15 minutes for you, after which time you may be canceled for a "No Show".


If you miss two (2) appointments without notifying your tutor or our staff (i.e., if you have two “No Shows”), 

Your tutor may also cancel your appointments if you have more than three (3) excused absences. However, if you are canceled for this reason, you will still be eligible for tutoring services.

If your tutor is more than 15 minutes late, please inform a Tutoring Center staff member. If another tutor is available, we will assign you to that tutor either for the day or permanently.

Location/Signing In and Out

All tutoring must be done in the Tutoring Center unless otherwise authorized by the Tutoring Center Specialist. You must sign in and sign out on the attendance computer in the Tutoring Center every time you receive tutoring. Please ask your tutor or a staff member if you need help using the attendance computer.

Limit on Hours

You are allowed to meet with a tutor for help in any one subject for up to two (2) hours per week based on tutor availability. Tutoring in multiple subjects is allowed; however, you may not schedule more than a maximum of five (5) hours of tutoring per week for all subjects combined. This policy may be waived for students with special needs or for those participating in group tutoring.

Preparing for Tutoring

You need to do your class assignments BEFORE coming to your tutoring appointments. Please come prepared with all necessary materials (pencil/pen, paper, syllabus, handouts, books, etc.) and specific questions for your tutor. Tutors WILL NOT do your homework, edit your papers, or give you answers to tests. Tutors WILL help you review your own work and explain concepts, rules, and methods that you do not understand.

Tutee Contract

  • I understand that if I miss two tutoring appointments without notifying the Tutoring Center or my tutor, I will not be able to receive tutoring services for the rest of the semester.
  • If I need to miss a scheduled appointment or cancel my tutoring altogether, I will call the Tutoring Center (707-864-7230) at least one hour before my scheduled session.
  • I will come prepared to my tutoring appointments, bringing completed work and specific questions to each session.
  • I agree to communicate with my tutor and with Tutoring Center staff regarding any questions or concerns I have about tutoring.
This contract, which is found on the Tutee Application, must be signed before any tutoring appointments will be scheduled.