Helpdesk Standards

Please Contact the Helpdesk First!

If you have problems with or questions about any technology related issues regarding District equipment please contact the Helpdesk by using our easy online form, by email at or call ext. (x4690). Please do not contact any of the TSS staff members directly. The Help Desk centralizes our response system so we can accurately prioritize our work, and take care of the high priority cases first.

Response Time

Helpdesk attempts to create Tickets within 10-15 minutes upon notification by email or voicemail of a District Technology related problem.

Website Updates

Any/all Updates to website pages that involves the addition/removal or replacement of documents or links needs to be submitted to the Helpdesk by the responsible Administrator of that page.

New Accounts and How Long It Takes to Create Them

New Accounts are created once Human Resources have advised the helpdesk that a confidentiality statement has been signed and is on file. A helpdesk ticket is created and assigned to the employee's Department Administrative Assistant or Dean. Credentials for new employees will be generated within 24 hours of notification from HR. Once we have received HR notification a userID and a Passcode will be sent to the division Dean or Administrative Assistant.

Changing/Issuing Passwords

The Helpdesk no longer provides the service of changing/issuing user passwords. All Passwords must be changed or created through the Quest Password Manager program. If you have a need to change or create your password visit and click on the link for Password Manager to get procedures to use the program.

NOTE: Users must be registered with Password Manager prior to attempting to change or create a password. Procedures for registering with Password Manager are located at Click on the link for Password Manager.

Priority Levels of Tickets

All Tickets are assigned a priority level when created.  The Priority of Tickets is as follows:

Level 1:  Classroom Instruction Down
Level 2:  Student Services Stopped
Level 3:  Administration Services Stopped
Level 4:  Setup And Installation

Process for working on tickets that require User Credentials

Now that Technology Services will not have the ability to look up passwords any longer this will also change the way we work on helpdesk tickets.

Below is the process that technicians will now follow:

Using Team Viewer 5 Remote Access

The Help Desk will only use remote access tools with your permission. Our Team Viewer 5 solution will require the user to provide information to a TSS staff member in order for a remote session to take place.

General Office Information

Interim Chief Technology Officer
Jim Petromilli
Phone Number: 707-864-7275
Fax Number: 707-646-2050
Location: Building 100 Room 167

James "Kimo" Calilan
Phone Number: 707-864-7104
Fax Number: 707-646-2050
Location: Building 100 Room 163

Phone Number: 707-864-7000 ext 4690
Fax Number: 707-646-2050
Location: Building 100 Room 139

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