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Scholarship Criteria

Full-time students who have completed 24 units of graded units at Solano Community College and have earned a cumulative GPA of 3.30 or higher are eligible to apply for scholarships. Most of the scholarships require the student to be either continuing as a full-time student at Solano or transferring to a four-year college in the fall. There are a few exceptions to the full-time enrollment requirement. The following scholarships permit applications from part-time students:
  1. Students enrolled in vocational majors
  2. Dr. Marge Blaha Memorial Scholarship
  3. Robert T. Ford Science Scholarship
  4. Diane Muir Memorial Scholarship

Scholarship Application

Students who meet the scholarship criteria are eligible to apply for scholarships. This single application is used for determining eligibility for both General and Special/Memorial Scholarships.
As of July 31, 2013, scholarship applications are no longer being accepted for 2013-14 until further notice.

Information about the Scholarship Foundation

The Solano College Scholarship Foundation is a non-profit corporation that awards scholarships to Solano College students on the basis of academic achievement and demonstrated potential for excellence. The Foundation is administrated by a Board of Directors providing representation from the communities of Solano County.

The goal of the Foundation is the promotion of scholastic excellence by providing a program that will identify, recognize and reward outstanding scholars attending Solano College. Beginning with the three scholarships that were presented in 1974, the program has grown significantly. Scholarships are presented at an annual fall Awards Ceremony held at the end of September or early October. In 2012, awards totaling over $32,000 were presented to sixty four students.

The Scholarship Foundation administers the following two programs:
  1. The General Scholastic Achievement Program

    The primary criterion for General Scholarship awards is scholastic excellence. General Scholarships are reserved for full-time students who have completed 24 units of graded units at Solano Community College and have earned a cumulative GPA of 3.30 or higher.

  2. The Memorial and Special Endowment Programs

    With the first memorial program starting in 1975, there are currently 68 programs established to honor and commemorate specific individuals or purposes. Most special programs have designated majors and/or other specific qualifying requirements that determine eligibility for consideration.

    Memorial/Special Scholarships are awarded with a minimum endowment fund balance of $3000. Because the scholarships are funded by the interest earned on endowments, the amount of the annual scholarship varies with the market.