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MESA/CCCP (Mathematics, Engineering, and Science Achievement/California Community College Program) is a statewide academic program that supports economically and educationally disadvantaged students to excel in math, science, or engineering related majors so they can transfer to four-year institutions as majors in these fields. MESA is NOT a student campus organization, however, the MSS (MESA Student Society) is a campus student organization and has their own admissions guidelines.

Students may pick up and return the completed application at the MESA Office, room 434. If you have any questions, please call 707-864-7000, extension 4498 or 707.863.7863.

All students who are interested in participating in MESA/CCCP must meet the academic and economically disadvantaged criteria below. Students must meet all of area I and at least one criterion from area II and III.
  1. Academic Criteria
    To be academically eligible for the Solano Community College MESA/CCCP, you must:
    1. Be ready for and enrolled in at least intermediate algebra - Math 104 or higher
    2. Intend to transfer to a four-year institution
    3. Major in a math-based field: chemistry, engineering, computer science or computer engineering, mathematics, physics, pre-medical (includes pharmacy, optometry, etc.), life sciences (includes botany, biology, zoology, agriculture, etc.), earth and environmental sciences. B.S. Nursing students must include calculus series in their Education Plan to be eligible.
  2. Economically Disadvantaged Criteria
    A potential MESA student must meet one or more of the following as listed in our state grant:
    • Eligible for EOP&S (see financial aid for more details)
    • Received a Board of Governors Waiver*
    • Parent/Guardian/Student is on TANF*
    • Federal poverty level or below household income ($25K or less for family of four)
    • GAIN participant*
    • Need-based financial aid recipient*
    • TRIO program participant (Talent Search, Upward Bound, Student Support Services)
    *Must show documented proof. See financial aid office or related department for documentation.

  3. Educationally Disadvantaged Criteria
    A potential MESA student must be a first generation college student and meet on or more of the following::
    • Student attended a designated feeder high school with low test scores (US Dept of Education)
    • Student is not yet 24, but is living on their own and supporting themselves/a family
    • Student is working many hours, and provides primary support of the family
    • Student began community college with a math assessment level below elementary algebra
Jose M. Ballesteros
MESA Coordinator
Department of Math and Sciences