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Why Apply to MESA-TRIO?

Math, Engineering, Science Achievement Program is designed to provide support to community college students who are majoring in Math, Engineering, or any of the Sciences, so that they excel academically and transfer to a four-year university.

MESA-TRIO provides a dedicated counselor who will assist with the transfer process, Individual Education Plan (IEP), Transfer Admission Agreements, career information, scholarship opportunities and personal counseling. The MESA-TRIO counselor understands the perseverance, dedication and prerequisites involved in majoring in math, engineering and science.

Academic Excellence Workshops
Academic Excellence Workshops (AEW’s) are designed to encourage collaborative learning. Workshops are facilitated by advanced trained students who drill MESA-TRIO students in their Mathematics, Chemistry, Biology, Physics, Engineering, and Computer Science courses. They meet once or twice a week.

Photo:  Student CoachingAcademic Coaching
Academic Coaching is available in Mathematics, Physics, Chemistry, Engineering, and Computer Science. MESA-TRIO Program students who have successfully completed these courses provide the unique MESA-TRIO coaching in these sessions.

Study Groups
MESA-TRIO students are encouraged to form study groups to promote peer teaching, peer involvement and an atmosphere of community. Study groups are proven to increase a student's grade.