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Math Placement Guide

Welcome to the Math Placement Guide at Solano Community College.

On this site you can find:

Math For Your Major - Math "maps" to show which math courses you need

Our Math Courses - Short descriptions of many of our math courses

How to Succeed in Math - Online resources to help you be successful

FAQs - Frequently asked questions regarding math placement


The purpose of this site is to better inform students of the options for their first math course and to help guide them in choosing the correct course to take. At Solano Community College we always recommend that students visit an academic counselor in our Counseling Department to plan their full complement of courses and create with them an Education Plan. Having a copy of your high school transcripts, or at least knowing their content, is vital to the process of appropriate placement.

We want you to achieve your goals efficiently! While repeating math courses may sound like a safe and reasonable option for starting your math college career, research shows that the more math courses a student needs to take at a community college, the less likely they are to finish. Thus, it is important that students are placed into the correct math course for their ability and future career objectives, as this can save students time and money. 

Solano is now using a "multiple measure" process to help place students into the appropriate math course. This means that besides just the math courses you took in high school we look at other things, like high school GPA, to help decide on your appropriate placement. This new placement process is based on years of research and data. 

If you answered the supplemental questions within CCCApply when you applied to Solano, you should have received an e-mail letting you know which courses you are eligible for. If not, you will need to visit Admissions and Records or the Counseling Department to help get assessed. 

If you still have questions about how all the math courses at Solano College lead into one another, here is a link to a flowchart showing all the math courses we offer: Solano Math Flowchart.