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Math Activites Center (MAC)

Math Activites Center

The Math Activities Center (MAC) is a math study area for registered students to work on and get help with math assignments and to complete lab time if required for their course. Priority will be given to students who are working on required lab assignments and have the MAC as part of their course requirement.

MAC Requirements

All Math students may utilize the Math Activities Center (MAC) to receive assistance from tutors, work on Math assignments independently, collaborate with other students, and form a study group. There will be student tutors and other personnel available for assistance and usually there will be a faculty member present. The faculty and tutors are there to help students succeed in math classes. Students are welcome to spend as much time as they like in the MAC doing homework problems or just studying.

In order to attend the MAC, students must first enroll in TUTR 500. They may register online through MySolano or during their first visit to the MAC. TUTR 500 is a free, non-credit, open entry, open exit course used to track student usage. After students are enrolled in TUTR 500, they must sign in and out each time they attend the MAC.

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