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Room Reservations: Research Instruction Room (103)

Capacity: 28 • Room Number: 103 • Approval Required

The Solano College Library Research Instruction Room (Bib Lab) is primarily used for library research instruction and ASTC workshops. When not utilized for its primary purpose, the room may be reserved by current SCC students, faculty and staff.

Room reservation is subject to approval.

Due to Library and ASTC usage between 9 am and 1pm M-F, the lab may only be booked in advance for non-primary usage a maximum of three times per instructor per semester between 9 am and 1pm. After 1pm, the lab may be approved for additional meetings, though at no time will it be booked as a regular classroom. No recurring meetings are allowed.

Bookings must occur during library opening hours.

No food or drinks. Groups must clean up the space after usage. If you have any questions about the Solano College Library Research Instruction Room, please contact the SCC Librarians at (707) 864-7132.
Thank you.

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