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To contact by phone, dial 707-864-7000, then enter the extension number. To contact by e-mail, click on the person's name.

Name Position Ext.
Darcangelo, Robin Associate Dean of Students, Financial Aid, EOPS, and Veterans 7103
Sisto, Francesca Financial Aid Systems Analyst 7193
Mason-Muyco, Maureen Financial Aid Lead Specialist 4452
DiPasquale, Nancy Financial Aid Specialist 7161
Miller, Diana Financial Aid Specialist 4737
Troupe, Anna Marie Financial Aid Specialist 7228
Mejia, Ricardo Financial Aid Asst. II 7144
Payne, Antoinette Financial Aid Asst. II 4738
Larot, Zyra Financial Aid Asst. II 4739
Gross, Tracy Financial Aid Asst. II 5806
Cheatham, Amber Financial Aid Admin Asst. III 7227
Sta.Maria, Kamber Counselor/EOPS 4694
Simon, Cynthia EOPS/CARE Coordinator 4446
Kennedy, Amy Veterans Affairs Coordinator 4507