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Practicing Empathy

We understand that you might be feeling [anxious, overwhelmed, testy, nervous, frustrated] with communication around our emergency situation. All decisions and communication are designed with a safe, healthy and supportive transition for you and your students in mind. Please remember empathy is important; everyone (students, faculty, staff, administration) is being asked to adapt to an emergency situation.

Everyone is going to be experiencing the “new normal” together. In the same way your courses were designed for in-person instruction, students may not be set up to engage in online learning for various reasons. Flexibility and grace is key. But we know that Solano Community College faculty, staff and students are resilient and will make it through. Let’s help each other where we can a provide grace when we don’t know how to help.

Remember:  you can never over communicate in these periods. While the district will send out messaging, this doesn’t mean that you shouldn’t send out messages to your students about plans as well as their experiences during this emergency. Calm, support, and reassurance to students is key...don’t panic. 


Faculty Zoom Room

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