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Counseling Services

Types of Counseling

Solano College offers the following types of counseling, free of charge:

  • E-Counseling - for general counseling questions—no access to social security numbers or transcripts
  • Academic Counseling - assistance to students in selecting a major, educational planning, certificate, associate degree and transfer requirements
  • Group Educational Planning Workshop - During the Group Education Plan Workshops you will learn the basics of Education Planning for your college experience. First time students are welcome.
  • Career Counseling- assistance to students in developing career goals based on their interests, abilities and achievements.
    Other helpful resources include:
    - A Career Planning class, COUN 50
    - The Solano College Career Center.
  • Personal and Crisis Counseling - assistance to students with personal or other issues which may impact their educational progress and referrals to campus and community resources
  • Academic problems - strategies for students to effectively deal with low grades, academic probation, academic disqualification and time management
  • Athletic Counseling
  • Extended Opportunity Programs and Services (EOPS) - a program that offers services to students who are both financially and educationally disadvantaged
  • International Student Program - a program that provides counseling and assistance to students from other countries who are studying on F-1 visas
  • Puente Project- a program designed to increase the number of educationally underserved students who enroll in four-year colleges and universities, earn degrees and return to the community as leaders and mentors to future generations (The Puente Project is open to all interested students.)
  • SUCCESS Consortium - a program that supports college preparation efforts of students in grades 4 through 12 and those interested in transferring to a four-year college from Solano College
  • Disability Services Program (DSP) - a program that provides services for students with physical, communication, learning disabilities, psychological disabilities or other medical problems
  • Veteran's Affairs - assistance to veterans or qualified dependents in applying for and receiving education benefits for various G.I. bills
  • Transfer Center - access to information to facilitate transfer to four-year colleges, universities and vocational schools, and/or career life pursuits for students

Ways to Meet with a Counselor

Students are encouraged to meet with a counselor at least once a semester. You may avoid the crowds by making a counseling appointment before registration begins and after late-registration ends each semester.

E-Counseling is available for general academic information only.

You must have an Application for Admission on file before meeting with a counselor. You may submit your application online, or by mail.

New Students

If you are a new student, you should take our English and Math Assessment Test first and bring a copy of your high school transcript to the meeting.

Transferring Students

ATTENTION: Please see the Admissions Office for CLEARING PREREQUISITES
If you are transferring from another college, you should bring a copy of your previous college transcripts (unofficial transcripts are acceptable).

Who can make an appointment online?

1. Continuing students who have 0-14 units from another college.
2. Continuing students who have 15 or more units from another college, which have been previously reviewed by a Solano Community College counselor.

Prospective or new students who plan to attend Solano Community College do not have access to the system. Please follow the instructions for New Students.

IF you are experiencing a crisis do not schedule an appointment, please call (707) 864-7101.

How to Make a Counseling Appointment

1. In Person
2. Schedule a Counseling Appointment using our Online Appointment Booking System
3. Call the campus listed below where you would to make the appointment during business days

How to Make a Group Educational Planning Appointment (for incoming Freshmen only)

1. In Person
2. Schedule an Educational Appointment using our Online Appointment Booking System
3. Call the campus listed below where you would to make the appointment during business days

Please Note: Call for office hours. Counseling hours are subject to change.

Counseling Services Program

  • Long-term individual education plans (IEP)
  • Transfer admission agreements (TAA) for UC Davis
  • Guaranteed admission for transfer entry (GATE) for Santa Cruz
  • Transcript evaluation
  • Graduation check for certificates and degrees
  • Intersegmental General Education Transfer Curriculum (IGETC)
    or California State University (CSU) pre-certification
  • Career/Personal counseling
  • Four-year university application, personal statement
  • Transfer preparation for multiple schools
  • Academic difficulty
  • Course selection
  • Prerequisite/eligibility for classes
  • Referrals (tutoring, financial aid, etc.)
  • Success strategies for academic difficulties
  • General information
  • Crisis assistance and referral
  • Academic petitions