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E-counselor attempts to send you current and accurate information, but academic information changes frequently. When you change your major, career goal, or educational objective, you are likely to receive different information. We strongly recommend you meet with a counselor in the middle of each semester to plan your next coursework.

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Due to changes in college requirements and policies, all replies are to be used as advisory and informational only and will not constitute an official determination by Solano Community College. Referral to websites and resources does not imply that e-counselors endorse all of the information given within those sites.

Keep in mind that e-counselors only provide academic information and are not offering personal or psychological counseling of any kind. Online e-counseling records are permanently archived.

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CAUTION: Because of the nature of the Internet and email technology, there can be no assurance of confidentiality when using this online service. Therefore, you should use caution when sending any information you believe is of a confidential nature, because internet messages can be intercepted by a third party after you click "Submit."