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2012 Roster

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No. Name Position Class High School/College
00 Goalkeeper Freshman Benicia
01 Goalkeeper Freshman Vintage
2 Def/Mid Sophomore Napa High
3 Def/Mid Sophomore Rodriguez
4 Forward/Mid Sophomore Winters High
5 Def/For Sophomore Armijo
6 Forward Freshman Armijo
7 Def/For/Mid Freshman Napa High
8 Def/Mid Freshman Vintage High
10 For/Mid/GK Freshman Rodriguez
11 For/Mid/GK Freshman Armijo
12 Def/Mid Freshman Dixon High
13 For/Mid Sophomore Vacaville
16 For/Mid Freshman Napa High
17 For/Mid Sophomore Rodriguez
18 Mid/Def Sophomore Vacaville
19 For/Mid Freshman Vanden
20 Forward Freshman Will. C.Wood
24 Def/Mid Freshman Armijo
25 For/Mid Sophomore Benicia High
RS Redshirt Freshman Armijo
RS Redshirt Freshman St. Patricks/St. Vincents
RS Defender Freshman Vintage High

#00 Katherine Wright

Katherine Wright
Class:Freshman Height:5'7"
Hometown:Benicia, CA Position:GK
High School:Benicia Experience:10 years

Club Team(s): Diablo Valley Soccer Club

#1 Katie Salinas

Katie Salinas
Class:Freshman Height:5'2"
Hometown:Napa, CA Position:GK
High School:Vintage Experience:14 years

Club Team(s): Napa valley Soccer Club; Napa Youth Soccer League

Athletic Honors: Team Captain 2 years, All-County Team, Goalkeeper of the Year, and All-M.E.L. at Vintage High School

#2 Karlie Mast

Karlie Mast
Class:Sophomore Height:5'4"
Hometown:Napa, CA Position:Def/Mid
High School:Napa High Experience:13 years

Club Team(s): Marin Futbol Club; Napa Valley Soccer Club

Athletic Honors: 2012 Solano College 1st Team Bay Valley Conference

#3 Krysta Caughman

Krysta Caughman
Class:Sophomore Height:5'4"
Hometown:Fairfield, CA Position:Def/Mid
High School:Rodriguez Experience:9 years
Major:Criminal Justice   

Club Team(s): San Juan

Athletic Honors: 2012 Solano College 1st Team Bay Valley Conference, 2012 Solano College Team Captain, MVP, coaches award

#4 Mallory Creamer

Mallory Creamer
Class:Sophomore Height:5'3"
Hometown:Winters, CA Position:Forward/Mid
High School:Winters High Experience:15 years

Club Team(s): Danville Mustang, Davis, Boca, Solano

Athletic Honors: Regional Pool,Super Y National Team

#5 Michelle Giron

Michelle Giron
Class:Sophomore Height:5'1"
Hometown:Suisun, CA Position:Def/For
High School:Armijo Experience:10 years
Major:Dental Hygiene   

Club Team(s): Danville Mustang, DVSC (Diablo Valley)

Athletic Honors: MEL offensive player of the year junior year,1st team, Armijo High School

#6 Sydney Sjoberg

Sydney Sjoberg
Class:Freshman Height:5'6"
Hometown:Fairfield, CA Position:Forward
High School:Armijo High School Experience:11 years

Club Team(s): San Juan, Solano Premier

Athletic Honors: 1st Team All League, Offensive Player of Year, Armijo High School

#7 Kendall Pickett

Kendall Pickett
Class:Freshman Height:5'3"
Hometown:Napa, CA Position:Def/For/Mid
High School:Napa High Experience:14 years

Club Team(s): Marin FC, Napa Valley Soccer Club

Athletic Honors: Captain, Napa High School

#8 Brenda Cruz

Brenda Cruz
Class:Freshman Height:5'2"
Hometown:American Canyon, CA Position:Def/Mid
High School:Vintage High Experience:8 years

Club Team(s): Vallejo

Athletic Honors: All league MEL 2010,11,12, Co-defensive player of the year 2011

#10 Myrriah Covarrubias

Myrriah Covarrubias
Class:Freshman Height:5'6"
Hometown:Fairfield, CA Position:For/Mid/GK
High School:Rodriguez Experience:9 years

Club Team(s): Solano Soccer Club

#11 Christy Giron

Christy Giron
Class:Freshman Height:5'4"
Hometown:Suisun , CA Position:For/Mid/GK
High School:Armijo Experience:8 years

#12 Tara Cooley

Tara Cooley
Class:Freshman Height:5'8"
Hometown:Dixon, CA Position:Def/Mid
High School:Dixon High Experience:15 years
Major:Criminal Justice   

Club Team(s): Davis, Boca

Athletic Honors: 2012 Solano College 1st Team Bay Valley Conference, 2 years all conference, captain, Dixon High School, Solano College Women's Basketball All Conference Player and Team Captain

#13 Megan O'Dwyer

Megan O'Dwyer
Class:Sophomore Height:5'5"
Hometown:Vacaville, CA Position:For/MF
High School:Vacaville Experience:12 years

Club Team(s): Vacaville United Soccer Club

Athletic Honors: 2012 Solano College 2nd Team Bay Valley Conference, Team Captain and Offensive MVP at Vacaville High School

#16 Bryce Branagan-Franco

Bryce Branagan-Franco
Class:Freshman Height:5'6"
Hometown:Napa, CA Position:For/Mid
High School:Napa High Experience:14 years
Major:Sports Medicine   

Club Team(s): Napa Valley Soccer Club

Athletic Honors: 2012 Solano College 2nd Team Bay Valley Conference, Captain 2012, MEL Offensive Player of the Year 2011, All County Player 2011, Napa High School

#17 Graciela Correa

Graciela Correa
Class:Sophomore Height:5'4"
Hometown:Fairfield, CA Position:For/Mid
High School:Rodriguez Experience:14 years
Major:Criminal Justice   

Club Team(s): Davis, Napa, Solano

Athletic Honors: MVP, all league 3 years, most assists in league

#18 Janelle Richards

Janelle Richards
Class:Sophomore Height:5'3"
Hometown:Vacaville, CA Position:MF, Def
High School:Vacaville Experience:13 years

Club Team(s): San Juan, Vacaville Thunderbirds

Athletic Honors: 2011 Solano College Bay Valley Conference Player of the Year, 1st Team Bay Valley Conference, 1st Team All-Nor-Cal, 1st Team All State, 2012 Solano College Midfield Player of the Year, 1st Team Bay Valley Conference, 2012 Solano College Team Captain. MVP Midfield, Captain, All MEL, Vacaville High School

#19 Angelika Dooley

Angelika Dooley
Class:Freshman Height:5'6"
Hometown:Fairfield, CA Position:For/Mid
High School:Vanden Experience:14 years
Major:Criminal Justice   

Club Team(s): Davis Legacy; Solano Soccer Club

Athletic Honors: Leading goal scorer, MVP, Most offensive player, Female athlete of the year, Vanden High School

#20 Emily Sumner

Emily Sumner
Class:Freshman Height:5'8"
Hometown:Vacaville, CA Position:For/MF
High School:Will. C.Wood Experience:14 years

Club Team(s): Vacaville

Athletic Honors: MVP

24 Candis Hatfield

Candis Hatfield
Class:Freshman Height:5'3"
Hometown:Fairfield, CA Position:Def/Mid
High School:Armijo Experience:10 years

Club Team(s): San Juan

Athletic Honors: Captain, MEL All League, MEL honorable mention, Team MVP, Team defensive MVP, Armijo High School

#25 Alexis Myers

Alexis Myers
Class:Sophomore Height:5'3"
Hometown:Vallejo, CA Position:For/Mid
High School:Benicia High Experience:14 years
Major:Interdisciplinary Sciences   

Club Team(s): Marin FC, DVSC (Diablo Valley), Benicia

Athletic Honors: 2nd team, MVP, St. Patricks/St.Vincents

RS Jennifer Dessel

Jennifer Dessel
Class:Freshman Height:5'2"
Hometown:Fairfield, CA Position:Midfield
High School:Armijo High Experience:10 years
Major:Radiology Technician   

Club Team(s): San Juan

RS Kelsey Hamister

Kelsey Hamister
Class:Freshman Height:5'7"
Hometown:Vallejo, CA Position:MF, Def
High School:St. Patricks/St.Vincents Experience:10 years

Club Team(s): Benicia Arsenal

Athletic Honors: Team captain senior year high school

RS Hayley Proft

Hayley Proft
Class:Freshman Height:5'7"
Hometown:Napa, CA Position:Defender
High School:Vintage High Experience:14 years
Major:Interdisciplinary Sciences:   

Club Team(s): Napa Soccer Club

Athletic Honors: Captain, All MEL honorable mention, Coaches award, Vintage High School