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2008 Roster

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No. Name Position Class School
00 Goalkeeper Freshman Napa
01 Goalkeeper Freshman Will C. Wood
2 For/Mid Freshman Vacaville
3 For/Mid Freshman Armijo
5 Midfield Sophomore Vallejo
6 For/Mid Sophomore Fairfield
7 Defender Sophomore Dixon
8 Mid/For Freshman Fairfield
9 Mid/Def Freshman Will C. Wood
10 Midfield Freshman Napa
11 Def/Mid Freshman Vallejo
12 Defender Sophomore Armijo
13 Midfield Sophomore Vintage
14 For/Mid Freshman Vallejo
15 Forward Sophomore Vintage
16 Midfield Sophomore Armijo
17 Defender Freshman Vacaville
18 Midfield Freshman Will C. Wood
19 Forward Sophomore Hogan
20 Defender Freshman Rodriguez
22 Defender Sophomore Vintage
24 Midfield Freshman Vanden
25 Defender Freshman Vallejo
RS For/Mid/Def Sophomore Justin Sienna

#00 Dolores Ruiz

Photo:Dolores Ruiz
Year:FR Position:Goalie
Height: High School:Napa

High School/Club:Went to state cup three times with my cub team. I have played on and off for 7 years.

Interests/Plans: Going to Davis in 09 for major in communications and a minor business. My current overall GPA is 3.5

#01 Amanda Radich

Photo: Amanda Radich
Year:FR Position:Goalie
Height:5'7'' High School:Trinity

High School/Club: 9 years of experience, played varsity soccer for 3 years, named defensive MVP sophomore year (2006). 6 years of club received MVP for team 2007

Interests/Plans: Want to continue playing soccer at 4 year level

Major: Undeclared

#02 Jessica Weirich

Photo:Jessica Weirich
Year:FR Position:For/Mid
Height: High School:Vacaville

High School/Club: n/a

Interests/Plans: n/a

#03 Kate Viri

Photo: Kate Viri
Year:FR Position:For/Mid
Height: High School:Armijo

High School/Club: I have played club for 8 years. I went to state cup two times, district cup, finals three times. Played for an O.D.P team for three years. High school varsity for 3 years. Rookie of the year my sophomore year. MEL all league senior year. Most goals most assists senior year.

Interests/Plans: Continue to play soccer and coach soccer. Planning on majoring in Veterinary technology

#05 Margarita Angel

Photo: Margarita Angel
Year:SO Position:F/Mid
Height:5'4'' High School:Vallejo

2008: 2nd Team Bay Valley Conference

2006: 1st Team Bay Valley Conference

#06 Katie Knopp

Photo: Katie Knopp
Year:SO Position:For
Height: High School:Fairfield

High School/Club: Fairfield high/ Solano Club

Interests/Plans: Business major emphasis in accounting and finance. My current GPA is 3.42.

Awards/Team Awards: 2006 offensive MVP BVC, 1st team BVC. Stats 24 goals and 9 assists. Team MVP, goal of the year, captains award and all Nor Cal. 2008 BVC MVP, 1st team all conference, all Nor Cal. Also 1st team all region and 14 goals and 4 assists

#07 Rachel Johnson

Photo: Rachel Johnson />        

	<table class= Year:SO Position:Def Height: High School:Dixon Hometown:Dixon

High School/Club: 3 years of varsity soccer at Dixon High School. 4 years of Dixon Club Soccer. 1 year on Nike Rush 89' in Sacramento and 2 years on Fairfield Predators

Interests/Plans: Want to continue playing at the four year level while perusing a degree in environmental science. Current GPA is 4.0

Awards/Team awards: 2007 2nd team all Bay Valley Conference. Defender in inaugural season, and started every game. Received Presidential Student athlete award. 1 goal and 4 assists.

#08 Sabrina Perez

Photo: Sabrina Perez
Year:FR Position:Mid/For
Height: High School:Fairfield

High School/Club: 11 years of soccer experience. Played club for Fairfield predators, Fairfield Fusion, Vallejo Fireballs, Napa and Benicia Arsenal. Played soccer at Fairfield High for 4 years; 2 years on jv, 2 years on varsity

Interests/Major: Majoring in Criminal Justice. Plans to transfer to a 4 year school and continue with soccer.

#09 Renee Bassett

Photo: Renee Bassett
Year:SO Position:Def
Height:5'6'' High School:Will C. Wood

2006: Starting defender and Team Captain

High School/Club: Has 14 years soccer playing experience. Played for Napa Valley Soccer Club. She was captain and awarded most improved in high school and was MVP for her team. She also played volleyball.

Interests/Plans: Plans to get into a four year college and play soccer at a four year level. She is looking into studying Kinesiology

Major: Sociology to become a social worker

#10 Madai Casas

Photo: Madai Casas
Year:SO Position:Mid
Height:5'0'' High School:Napa

High School/Club: 9 years of soccer experience. 3 years High school/Club, Co-Ed soccer MVP.

Major: Criminal Justice

Interests/Plans: Join Police force for 4 years then S.W.A.T. team

#11 Jessica Hamister

Photo: Jessica Hamister />        

	<table class= Year:FR Position: Mid/Def Height: High School:Vallejo Hometown:Vallejo

High School/Club: 11 years of soccer experience. Played for Vallejo Fireballs, Benicia Arsenal, and Davis Legacy. Played soccer at Vallejo High on varsity all 4 years; Captain Junior & Senior year; honorable mention SO & Junior year. All league senior year. Won Nike Harvest Cup in 2007 with Davis Legacy. 2008 1st all conference, starting defender as a freshman.

Interests/Plans: Majoring in sports medicine/athletic training. Plans to transfer to a 4 year school and continue to play soccer.

#12 Giana Raccanello

Photo: Giana Raccanello
Year:FR Position: Def
Height: High School:Armijo

High School/Club: 13-14 years experience. Has been awarded MEL, MVP, and captain. Has also played softball and volleyball.

Interests/Plans: Business Major

#13 Adriana Vasquez

Photo: Adriana Vasquez
Year:FR Position:Mid
Height: High School:Vintage

High School/Club:11 years of experience. Has been awarded MVP, offensive player of the years, All Country, MEL, and captain.

Interests/Plans: Plans to major in Business.

#14 Vanessa Hallis

Photo: Vanessa Hallis
Year:FR Position: Mid/Forward
Height:5'5'' High School:Vallejo

High School/Club:7 years experience. 4 years Varsity soccer. Frosh/Soph honorable mention. Junior year All-League. Senior year All-League ,MVP, and offensive player of the year VHS. Won Nike Cup 2 years in a row (06 07). 2nd place Boise, Idaho regional's 2006

Interests/Plans: Compete at 4 year level

Major: International Relations

#15 Kellie Detweiler

Photo: Kellie Detweiler
Year:SO Position:For
Height: High School:Vintage

High School/Club:Napa Club for 10 years. Vintage offensive MVP

Interests/Plans: Communications, looking into sports broadcasting. Current GPA is 3.8

Major: 2007 offensive MVP, 1st team layer BVC. All county and also an academic award with a GPA of 3.64. Also scoring 18 goals.

#16 Katie Bell

Photo: Katie Bell
Year:SO Position:Mid
Height: High School:Armijo

High School/Club:16 years of experience. Awarded all city at the annual high school tournament of Armijo High School. Been in top 8 association cup with previous club team

Interests/Plans: Liberal Studies major

#17 Kaitlin Kemp

Photo: Kaitlin Kemp
Year:SO Position:Def/Mid
Height:5'9" High School: Vacaville

2006: Starting central midfielder and Solano Team Academic Achievement Award with GPA

High School/Club:Sacramento United and Vacaville United. 4 Year Varsity Player. MVP sophomore year. 1st team senior year. 2 year state cup participant

Interests/Plans: Compete at a 4 year level. Wants to be physiologist or Social Worker

#18 Ashley DeBartolo

Photo: Ashley DeBartolo
Year:FR Position:Mid/F
Height:5'0'' High School:Will C. Wood

High School/Club:14 years of experience. Has also ran cross-country

Interests/Plans: Major in psychology, AA in criminal justice. 13 years of experience, 6 years of club soccer, 4 years High school Soccer, 3 year Varsity

#19 Jessica Martho

Photo: Jessica Martho
Year: SO Position:Mid/F
Height: High School:Hogan

High School/Club:6 years of soccer experience. 4 years of varsity soccer. Played 3 years of club soccer

Interests/Plans: Does not plan to continue soccer after Solano. Plan to attend university of Hawaii & majoring in nursing

#20 Magdalena A. Hernandez

Photo: Magdalena A. Hernandez
Year:FR Position:Def/Mid
Height: 5'3'' High School:Rodriguez

Interests/Plans: Compete at 4 year level

Major: Biology, Career as Pediatrician

#22 Jordan Premo

Photo:Jordan Premo
Year:FR Position:Def
Height: High School:Vintage

High School/Club:14 years of experience. Also played softball, tennis, dance, gymnastics, and basketball

#24 JoAnna Iturriaga

Photo: JoAnna Iturriaga
Year:FR Position:Mid
Height: High School:Vanden

High School/Club: n/a

#25 Romina Valle

Photo: Romina Valle
Year:FR Position:Def
Height: High School:Vallejo

High School/Club: n/a

#RS Anna Nisperos

Photo: Anna Nisperos
Year: Position:For/Mid/Def
Height: High School:Justin Sienna

High School/Club: n/a