Solano college Sports Medicine is designed to care for all of Solano Colleges student athletes. We specialize in advanced physical therapy, first aid, emergency care, prevention of injuries and working directly with each athletic program. Certified Athletic Trainers (AT,C's) are health care professionals, that are trained for evaluation, prevention, and treatment of all athletic injuries. The Sports Medicine program at Solano College is available Aug.-May each year. Our goal is to allow our athletes to compete safely and to the best of their ability. Our department offers internships for students with in the Sports Medicine Major.

Solano College Sports Medicine Facility:

Solano upgraded the Sports Medicine department to a state of the art facility. The 1000+ sq. ft sports medicine facility includes 8 treatment tables, 8 physical therapy modalities, 2 large ice machines , 6 taping stations, physical therapy and balance area, 3 whirlpools, plyometric station and stretching chair. The new and improved facility has allowed the Sports Medicine Department to treat more athletes and offer complete physical therapy programs.