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Early Assessment Program

If you completed the Early Assessment Program (EAP), which is at the end of the STAR testing you completed in the 11th grade, you may be able to waive the assessment test at Solano Community College. You can access your results at Below are the test determinations based on which you may be able to waive the assessment test by using your EAP results.

Test Determinations

If you scored “College Ready” for English, then you do not need to take the English Sentence Skills and Reading assessment test at SCC.

If you scored “College Ready” for Math, then you do not need to take the Math assessment test at SCC.

Note: EAP Ready for CSU or participating CCC college-level English courses— Conditional is NOT accepted for EAP English and Math.

Course Placement

Students whose results indicate college readiness are eligible to enroll into following English and/or Math courses at SCC:

  • English 062 (Analytical Reading)
  • English 001 (College Composition)
  • Math 11 (Elementary Statistics)
  • Math 12 (Mathematical Ideas)
  • Math 30 (Analytic Geometry and Calculus)

Accepting EAP Scores at SCC

Students may request their EAP test scores to be cleared at SCC by submitting the EAP Request Form.

For further information, please contact Office of Admissions & Records:
Phone: 707-864-7171