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Dear Colleagues,

The ASTC team aims to establish a culture of opportunity and encouragement for all students. We apply everything we know about learning, teaching, and institutional needs to foster a learner-centered space. All who are involved at the ASTC are dedicated to supporting our academic departments, campus programs, and services, and we take great pride in collaborating with the campus community.

Instructor helping a student with their work, using the whiteboard.

As the ASTC Coordinator, I provide the college's Student Equity Committee with regular updates on ASTC topics. I also guide the ASTC Taskforce Committee, where we discuss ways to improve the services of the ASTC.

I welcome all ideas and feedback and my door is always open. Please stop by the main campus ASTC or drop me a line anytime.

George Olgin

707-864-7000 ext. 5025

 “The ASTC has helped me improve my study skills.” – Robert Rincon, Jr.

The Student Learning Outcomes for TUTR 500/ASTC: 

  • Students will gain academic self-awareness, self-confidence, and self-direction by using ASTC services
  • Student who use ASTC services regularly will strengthen their independent academic learning strategies and skills.


Referring Students to Tutoring

Academic Support Services is currently working to implement an Early Alert System for staff and faculty to identify specific needs for students and to direct those students to help. And, in some cases, this comes from the ASTC.

In the meantime, please refer students to an ASTC office that’s convenient for them: In the library of the Fairfield campus, Room 138 at the Vacaville Center, or Room 124 at the Vallejo Center.


Suggested Text for Your Syllabus

For instructors who want consistent language about ASTC services, please copy and paste the text provided below directly into syllabi, course materials, or Canvas:

The ASTC provides support, guidance, and resources to help Solano students grow as strong, independent, and active learners in their academic and professional pursuits. The ASTC offers free tutoring, a supportive place to study, student success workshops, and other academic resources.

ASTC has locations at all three campuses:

Fairfield -- Inside the Library Vacaville -- Room 138 Vallejo -- Room 124
Mondays-Thursdays 9am-6pm Mondays-Thursdays 9am-6pm Mondays-Thursdays 9am-6pm
Fridays 9am-2pm Fridays 9am-2am Fridays closed


Classroom Presentations and ASTC Tours:

An ASTC team member can come to your classroom in the first few weeks of the semester to present a 5-10 minute orientation of ASTC services. Instructors can also schedule a tour for your class. If you are interested, please email the ASTC Coordinator ( with course, day, time, and location.

Refer Potential Tutors to ASTC

Since ASTC peer tutors are also SCC students, we encourage faculty to send candidates to any ASTC for employment information. All peer tutors must, at minimum:

  • be enrolled in at least 6 units for Fall/Spring semester
  • have earned at least a “B” in said course
  • hold a GPA of 3.0 or better

An ASTC Specialist and the Coordinator will meet with potential tutors for an informal interview, and all of those selected will be trained in tutor pedagogy.

Faculty recommendations are paramount to a robust tutor pool. Tutors familiar with an instructor’s curriculum and teaching style are often our most effective employees. Please use the Instructor Referral Form to make a recommendation.

Embedded Tutor Program

The ASTC has opportunities for faculty members to host embedded tutors in their courses. The embedded tutor program aims to support classroom activities and/or courses with labs in various academic departments. Instructors may request an embedded tutor by submitting the ASTC Embedded Request form to the ASTC Coordinator ( Requests are approved based on need, availability, and funding.

Participation in ASTC Student Success Workshops

The ASTC offers free, 50-minute Student Success Workshops throughout the year to all students. Workshop topics include study skills, the writing process, Canvas support, and optimal performance in the classroom, among others. The ASTC can offer any topic so long as it speaks to student success.

There are funds to pay faculty for these workshops. Staff and faculty interested in presenting or who want more information regarding student success workshops should contact the ASTC Coordinator (

Instructors in the ASTC

Some instructors hold office hours and/or volunteer time in the ASTC. This is a huge benefit to the Center, and it especially benefits the student who may be more comfortable talking with an instructor in an ASTC setting than in an office. If you are interested, please contact the ASTC Coordinator (